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Bilingual-Kids|A SterniPark Programm

In a multicultural society with a multitude of languages, many families are practising two or more languages with their children. Amazingly so, young children pick up the languages quickly and clearly through intensive communication, play and a cultural exchange with adults and other children.

A person-language bond can be established through the Immersion Method. This is a practice allowing kindergarten teachers to bring a new language into the groups on a very natural basis. We believe that as long as the languages being spoken are clearly defined and can provide continuity from the person providing it, an early learner accessing these languages will seek to understand, mimic and reproduce the words. The children will find very soon that there are associations to the person, the activity and the meanings presented to them.

At SterniPark, we aim to offer all children the opportunity to access and learn a second language from a very early age onwards. Our bilingual concept focuses on a good balance of the English and German language. Our kindergartens seek to support and create a fun, motivating and challenging environment for our children.

An organic situations based concept allows us to put the child at the centre of education. The concept always bears in mind that each child is an individual with individual needs.

Our staff is not only qualified with very good language skills but is keen and committed to the contribution of early childhood education. Our staff comes from a variety of English speaking backgrounds and brings to their groups an international flair we and the children are very enthusiastic about.

Our participating kindergartens are in Nienhagenerstraße, Weidenallee, Wohlers Allee, Goethestraße, Tornquiststraße and Grot Sahl.

If you have any queries or if you simply like some information on Bilingual-Kids, please phone us or write us to the following address.


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